Columbus Dept. of Public Works

City of Columbus Department of Public Works: Curbside Recycling, Sanitation/Trash and Yard Waste Services call 812-376-2509. ►Website

Trash collection is provided by the City of Columbus Department of Public Works one time per week. Curbside collection of recyclables is provided every other week and will be picked up the same day as trash pickup.

"Bulky" item pick-up is on a call-in basis. Up to 20 bags or boxes and one piece of furniture may be picked up on the curbside after you call the City Garage to make a ticket for your extra trash. Bulky item call-ins are limited to one time per month.

Trash collection is invoiced monthly on your ►Columbus City Utilities water/sewer bill, according to toter size.

Yard waste toters - If you wish to participate in the City's Compost Program, you will need to purchase a "TOTER" brand yard waste toter with a bar at Lowes Home Improvements, 3500 10th Street, (812) 376-0521. They have 96 and 64 gallon sizes available.