City of Columbus Brush, Yard Waste, and Leaf Collection


Brush/Tree Limb Collection
Curbside brush collection is provided for City residents on a weekly basis. All brush will be collected by the chipper on the same day as your regular trash pickup.

You may call the Sanitation Department at 812-376-2509, or use the CurbCycle app to request a pickup for very large piles of brush/tree limbs.

City of Columbus Yard Waste Program
There are two ways to participate in the City's Yard Waste Program. You may purchase the service from the Department of Public Works directly, or you may purchase a "TOTER" brand yard waste toter with a bar at Lowes Home Improvements Store, 3500 10th Street, (812) 376-0521. Lowe's has 96 and 64 gallon sizes available.

Yard waste collection will take place the same day as your regular trash pick-up, weekly.

What we accept:
What we do not accept:

Loose Leaf Collection (Seasonal)
Loose leaf collection is a seasonal program that runs from October to mid-December. City residents may rake their loose leaves to the curb, and have them picked up the same day as their regular trash collection.