image Bartholomew County residents can bring their Household Hazardous Wastes to the Columbus/Bartholomew Recycling Center at 720 S. Mapleton. Hours of operation are Tuesday-Friday, from 7:30am-4:30pm. Remember to always handle HHW with care and keep away from children and pets. The following is a menu of the HHW we accept:
  1. Household Batteries - We only accept RECHARGEABLE batteries for recycling. Standard batteries can be properly disposed of by way of landfill disposal.
  2. Automotive Batteries - 5 battery limit.
  3. Motor Oil and Oil Filters - 5 gallon limit. No gasoline filters. Hydraulic filters are OK.
  4. *Oil Based Paint - 5 gallon limit. **No latex paint.
  5. *Thinners - Including paint thinner, mineral spirits, finishes, stains, polyurethane, varnish etc. 5 gallon limit per item. No chlorinated solvents
  6. Gasoline/Diesel Fuel/Kerosene - 10 gallon limit.
  7. Antifreeze - 5 gallon limit.
  8. Weed & Brush Killer - Liquids and fertilizer only. No pesticides or other specialty chemicals.
  9. Mercury Awareness Program - Please call 376-2614 for a list of Mercury containing materials that we will accept.
  10. Light Bulbs- Unbroken compact fluorescent, unbroken fluorescent tube lights 4 ft & 8ft (Limit 5 per visit)
  11. Smoke Alarms/Detectors (Limit 5 per visit)
* Please make sure all paints, thinners and weed/brush killer containers are properly labeled.
Latex paints can be dried out and placed with your regular trash for collection.

The following materials will NOT be accepted at the Columbus/Bartholomew Recycling Center
  1. Aluminum Paint/Aluminum Paint Sealer
  2. Concrete Sealer
  3. Roofing Tar
  4. Cements/Adhesives
  5. Glues
  6. Floor Hardeners
  7. Asphalt Sealer
  8. Automotive Paint (more than one gallon quantities)
  9. Prescription Medicine and/or Any Form of Medical Waste
  10. Unlabeled paints, thinners, and weed/brush killer

Residential and small quantities of these materials can be solidified by drying and placed with regular trash for proper disposal. Businesses and large quantities will need to contact National Environmental by calling 317-791-2200. For more information, please call 812.376.2614.
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